Pizza Three Times, Two Ways

Note: This is an entry for ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday on April 18, 2006 at Sweetnicks, Check out the round-up!

After reading about the smoked salmon pizza that Sweetnicks made, I got a proper craving for it, and decided to make a version for myself. Of course, I monkeyed around with it a little, so I sauteed (and squeezed dry) some chopped baby spinach instead of slicing cucumber, used white onion instead of red because that’s what I had, used creme fraiche instead of sour cream, replaced the dill with chardonnay and oak smoked sea salt b/c I couldn’t get dill, and baked a Trader Joe’s Herb and Garlic Pizza Crust as a base (and also to make up for the missing dill). I wish I had a piece now — a great mix of cool and creamy and sour and salty and chewy and crisp and veggie. I liked it so much that I had it two consecutive nights for dinner.

Salmon Pizza

On the third night, I was out of smoked salmon, but I had just come home from a day in San Francisco with a leftover half of my L’Autostrada sandwich that I’d taken home from Citizen Cake. After a brief hesitation, I thought “This will sandwich become pizza.” So, I removed the meat from inside, chopped it into squares, and used it to top my creme fraiche, sauteed spinach, capers, and avocado. I also sprinkled some Hawaiian red clay sea salt. It was also delicious, and a good thing for me to remember when I have leftovers in the future.

Autostrada Pizza

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  1. Cate O'Malley Says:

    Mmmmm, the pizza sounds delicious! And even more veggie goodness. This would be perfect for ARF/5-A-Day tomorrow, hint, hint. ;)

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    [...] First up, Sweet Napa joins us for the first time with her take on one of our favorite pizzas: [...]

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