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I have to give thanks to Bea at La Tartine Gourmande for her wonderful post (including amazing photos) about Sadaharu Aoki. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have found my way to this gorgeous pastry shop that features French-style pastries with Japanese flavors and influences.  It was one of my favorite places in Paris.  I don’t feel like repeating myself too much, so I’ll just say right now that everything was spectacular.


Duomo Macha Azuki, with green tea cream, red bean paste, green tea macaron, and feuillantine, and Black Sesame Eclair.


Eclair injection holes.


My brother got the Tarte Yuzu, which was puckery to an almost atomic level, and completely delicious.

I asked the counterperson if I could take pictures, and she said, “Yes,” so I made my way down the counter…  and looking at them now, all I can think is ” Why didn’t I just try one of each while I was there?!?”  Sigh… Paris withdrawal.  Anyway, on their website linked above, they have thorough descriptions of everything, if you’re interested.

And be warned that it is a rather small shop and they have three small tables for two, as booths against the wall.  My brother and I got pastries, but then the counterperson was concerned about the five others we were with who were camping out at the other tables.  She told me that each person had to order a drink and a pastry to sit down… so everyone else had to clear out.  And of course, thinking about it now, I amend my question above to “Why didn’t I just order one of each so that they could stayed and I could have tried everything?!?”














I was told that, in Japan, cake slices are sold like this, in individual packets.  Brilliant.

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  1. Bea at La Tartine Gourmande Says:

    This is just too funny! My story today is featuring Sadaharu Aoki, again! I tried to make his Matcha Tea eclairs ;-)

    I am glad you enjoyed the pastry store. Amazing things, aren’t they?? it looks like your Parisian trip was simply amazing!

  2. Nina Says:

    Your eclairs look fantastic!

    And I like your strategy of making what you can’t buy when you’re not in Paris… :) I have a couple recipes in the works to simulate what I ate and saw there. And when I find Matcha tea, I want to make your eclairs!

    It’s such a shame that fondant is hard to find for everyday consumers, even though it’s everywhere in pastry shops and culinary schools. I found these links to recipes for quick versions, but I haven’t tried them yet…

    This one involves heating it to the soft ball stage and probably produces something close to what we use

    This one just gently heats up the ingredients and might be acceptable in a pinch (personally I don’t think the clear vanilla flavoring called for is necessary)

  3. ParisBreakfasts Says:

    Well I went there too and I just wish I’d tried more things after reading you and Bea..or gone back a second time at least. I love that top photo of the 2 tea green round things + the sesame eclaire. It’s so helpful to hear what a pro has to say on these creations. I’m transfixed by your descriptions…

  4. DuomoFreak Says:

    Hii I’m really into Japanese pastries…but one I really really like is the duomo ones I don’t really like the matcha one because I’m not a big fan of matcha but uh I saw some pink ones and yellow ones two around the back. I’m dying to learn how to make duomos like those.

    If you do know please email me at
    I am really desperate! :D

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