Momofuku - New York

I’ve read quite a bit about Momofuku’s New York-style take on a ramen shop, and I was very happy with what I had. After a few dud food experiences elsewhere, it was one of those meals that made me relax into the vibrant flavors of the dishes and remember how good food can taste… in a comfort food sort of way.

Momofuku, by the way, means lucky peach.


Steamed Buns with Shiitake Mushrooms. At first I thought that the mushrooms looked a bit anemic without the sauce (which was only spread on the middle of the buns), but as I ate them, I appreciated that they weren’t all gunked up with sauce b/c it would have been monotonous. I also liked the sprightly cucumber, and how the bun wasn’t so thick as to smother the filling, as so often is the case. It was awkward to eat, though… Multiple mushroom slices don’t generally like to cleanly break for one bite.


Momofuku Ramen with Berkshire Pork Combo and Poached Egg. Loved the two porks - earthy, fibrous-but-chopstick-yielding pork belly and sweeter shredded pork shoulder — as well as the mountains of everything else, even though the noodles were a tad soft. I could have spent an afternoon lingering over the the gently steaming bowl.

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    [...] Unfortunately, my Momofuku Ramen, which ironically came out in better focus than the FGT’s, was insipid at best. Everything in it seemed over-cooked and tired. During last year’s visit, my bowl had been perfect, bordering on transcendental. [...]

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